BFO130 – Shake, Rattle and Roll (of Fat)

Big Fatty speculates as to what caused the Earthquake in Los Angeles before he plays voice letters and “Memory Lane” music.  He also exposes “someone’s conscience” for topsy-turvey double talk.  Look out for the carnage from this derailment.

BFO129 – Plinko Plunder

The Fat One heads to the Fat Cave today to talk about some poppiness on the Price is Right.  He also calls out some more pod faders and plays “Memory Lane” music for your Hump Day.

BFO128 – Merry Poopins

Big Fatty has voice letters to share and some special music today before he concludes with some “vacation poop” observations.  Oh the Horror!

BFO127 – Apple Weekend

Big Fatty brings back the regular Memory Lane music and chats about the GRAND OPENING of the new Apple Snack store in Charleston.  He throws in some voice letters too!

BFO126 – Friday, Friday, Friday

BF is so excited that’s it’s Friday that he drives the train off the tracks early and often.  Of course there’s still some exciting voiceletters and the end of another Cartoon Memory Lane music week.

BFO125 – The Quasquicentennial

Big Fatty has a voiceletter-palooza today along with a double dip into the Cartoon Memory Lane music pool.