6 thoughts on “BFO126 – Friday, Friday, Friday

  1. I watched Under Dog when I was a kid but didn’t know about the cereal connection. What cereal did Under Dog advertise?

    Loved the Barney song at the end. Love you too!

  2. is it sad that I know the barney song by heart and when you played it, it made me happy? Probably!

  3. I woke up this morning and knew it was going to be my lucky day. How would I have known I was going to win a Big Fatty T-Shirt! ! ! Woo-Hoo

    BF, expect an email…..Thanks.

  4. I used to watch “not bird nor plane, nor even frog”, too, and I knew all the words. Barney was too much after my time (and far too sweet), so I didn’t know those words. But I was warming up for the first, stopped sing-along…

  5. I’m ALL TOO familiar with Barney…sadsies.

    I WANT A BFO T-SHIRT! I almost stole your magnet off of Nessa’s car this weekend…but she was standing right next to me and it would have been too obvious who took it.

    If I hear Foul Ricky talk about how “old” he is one more time I’m going to shit in his mouth.

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