BFO126 – Friday, Friday, Friday

BF is so excited that’s it’s Friday that he drives the train off the tracks early and often.  Of course there’s still some exciting voiceletters and the end of another Cartoon Memory Lane music week.

6 thoughts on “BFO126 – Friday, Friday, Friday

  1. I watched Under Dog when I was a kid but didn’t know about the cereal connection. What cereal did Under Dog advertise?

    Loved the Barney song at the end. Love you too!

  2. I woke up this morning and knew it was going to be my lucky day. How would I have known I was going to win a Big Fatty T-Shirt! ! ! Woo-Hoo

    BF, expect an email…..Thanks.

  3. I used to watch “not bird nor plane, nor even frog”, too, and I knew all the words. Barney was too much after my time (and far too sweet), so I didn’t know those words. But I was warming up for the first, stopped sing-along…

  4. I’m ALL TOO familiar with Barney…sadsies.

    I WANT A BFO T-SHIRT! I almost stole your magnet off of Nessa’s car this weekend…but she was standing right next to me and it would have been too obvious who took it.

    If I hear Foul Ricky talk about how “old” he is one more time I’m going to shit in his mouth.

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