BFO519 – Frosty Fruit

The Fat One is soooooo ready for Friday!  He’s got a list AND the coupon to fill the last show of January 2010.  It’s a Full Moon weekend so get your entry in for the #1 fan constest.  Deadline is next Friday.  Happy weekend!

BFO518 – Brenda Viccaro

The Fat One plays loads of voiceletters for you today including a special one from a bra spokesperson, a former Marine, a drunkie, a saint and someone on a treadmill.  No more voiceletters in the que so call!

BFO517 – A Big Old Sack With Pockets

Oh Dear Gussie… Big Fatty is opening the mail today so the train never has a chance to stay on the tracks.  It’s so interesting that you’ll be talking about it for days!  Happy National Chocolate Cake Day.

BFO516 – Australia Day

Dear Gussie it’s Australia Day…. except in Australia (it was yesterday because they are in the future).  Big Fatty has some sound issues which resolve themselves once entering the Fat Cave to talk about the quiz programs.  Happy National Pistachio Day (per Levi who still has his pants off – which disturbs Sarah).

BFO515 – Sweet Tooth

The Fat One is about to explode and he notices that everyone has food on their minds.  There’s a backwards weekend recap AND the info on how to become the #1 Fan of the BFO for 2010.  Happy Monday!

BFO514 – Return to 2009

The Fat One thought that Chrima 2009 was over but there were some surprises in the P.O. Box to make him think otherwise.  Plus there’s the final installment of the trip t othe Warshington, DCs and some time to ponder blue cheese.  Happy weekend.

BFO513 – Nutty Buddy

The Fat One finishes up 95% of the HORROR weekend today while he enjoys a frozen treat.  Happy National New England Clam Chowder Day.

BFO512 – Rainy Season

Whew!  The Fat One is back in Charleston and restarts the stories of the HORROR weekend but the clock counts down before the blow-by-blow finishes… so more HORROR tomorrow.  Happy National Granola Bar Day.

BFO511 – More Gazing with Woody

Big Fatty is headed back to the Fat Cave but not before he welcomes Woody (this time as an UKer) to the microphone.  More details on the HORROR tomorrow!

BFO510 – Distracted by Something Shiney

The Fat One begins his recap of the HORROR weekend but just cannot finish with the blow-by-blow details so there will be more to come later.  Plus there’s more Warshington, DCs “Memory Lane Music” on the MLK Federal Holiday in the USA.