4 thoughts on “BFO511 – More Gazing with Woody

  1. Thanks so much for this special treat 🙂 Woody, you really should do an own podcast – you have such a good voice for it

    You made us all really curious by not telling all the interesting stuff, dear…
    I hope you decide to let BF post a picture of you on the BFO. It would be nice to put a face to that splendid voice – and it would really help with the inappropriate touching 🙂

    Safe travels, BigFatty – and for the love of Gussie, no weird sounds of digestion on the plane!

  2. Hmm…. Should I bite?
    Just for the record, today it was dark by 18:30.
    If anyone out there can help me with a green card I’m desperate to leave this fucking damp, dark, miserable motheruk’er.

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