BFO826 – St. Lucia

We’re in the port of Castries of St. Lucia.  Miss Kitty has baby sitting charges on his account.  Tonight is the Secret Special Guest!


BFO825 – Day at Sea

Big Fatty loves a day at sea and today is the second one of the big cruise.  2,000 menz and no place to run.  Oh the HORROR!

BFO824 – Aruba

The Fat One is in Aruba but there’s lots to report from Curacao to include a ddrunk Kitty!

BFO823 – A Big Box of Vulgahness

The Big Cruise is in Curacao today but there’s loads (VULGAH!) to report from the weekend.  Happy MONDAY!

BFO822 – Off to San Juan, Mexico

The Fat One, Miss Kitty, Granny and Miss Porter are packed and on their way to the aeropuerto (Mexican for aeropuerto) for the trip to San Juan.  Happy Weekend.

BFO821 – The Arlo Munson Test

The Fat One has some voiceletters, a cruise update and an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Plus there’s a test of uncontrollable laughter.  Happy National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day.

BFO820 – Sphincter Pursing

VULGAH!  The Fat One is super gassy and thinking about the end of the world and the signs that are becoming more evident.  Plus several listeners called the BFO as requested by the Fat One.  Happy Humping.

BFO819 – Pink Underpants

The Fat One tells a few more stories about the weekend before heading down into the Fat Cave to talk about the quiz programs.  Someone needs to be calling the Voiceletter number before BF puts on his orange hat!

BFO818 – Reingurgulate

That Fat One recaps the weekend which included spoiled milk, Beer Stein advice and a trip to the P.O. Box.  Happy National French Bread Day.

BFO817 – Popular Mechanics

The Fat One explains what has been going on all week and offers up some explanations…. one being the Full Moon.  Happy Farewell to Winter (northern hemisphere) Weekend.