9 thoughts on “BFO817 – Popular Mechanics

  1. I would ask..how does he do it? How does this guy get so much ass?
    But, I’ve met BF in person and can understand why people are attracted to him.
    A great human bean.

  2. Big Fatty’s charm, wit and good cheer will be missed on the twitties. Vera will have to find a replacement to call a “TWAT!” … Should we hold auditions?

  3. I have not listened to the show yet!!!!!!!!!! I will listen while I eat my fish sammich and think of my favorite fatty!! Muah!

  4. Okay – Twitters Anonymous hosted by BF. If you stop playing words with friends I will have you know my heart would be broken, my life incomplete, and all that other bad stuff. But I would get over it! Loves ya!!! Meh! Dear GussIe! Poopy! Belch. Sorry, just (throat clearing) getting back to normal!

  5. I love that you buy your mama silly cards.

    My mama borrowed $ from me 5 days before my b-day & she paid it back on my b-day (not a dime extra. No card … You’re lucky, your mom is lucky, too!!!! Its been a dang long time since she exited your grannIes…….

    Picture that ….
    No – right!! Hey! Missed ya on the other little show! Hope its a tiny bug & not stress!

    Loved when Larry saId its what ya get for eating 7 day old cabbage soup!

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