BFO4188 – Wills and Thimbelina

The Fat One returns with a LITTLE show packed with So-So questions (OK, just 2), a recap of his day, the coupon and some quiz program reminders. Happy National Margarita Day.

BFO4187 – Early Morning Festivities

After several Good Morning greetings, the Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres which included a visit with his neighbors, a gentleman caller, Seniorcize class and even a so-So question. Happy National Sticky Bun Day.

BFO4184 – Write It Down!

The Fat One closes out the week with correspondence from his domestic Str8 boyfriend (and #3 fan for 2024), a recap of his day and some comments of something that’s been on BF’s mind. Happy National Almond Day.

CLICK HERE to see Midwest Matt’s obituary.

CLICK HERE to go see the Weather Rat’s Superb Owl commercial.

BFO4182 – Happy VD

It’s VD and the Fat One is here to be your personal Val N. Tine by giving you a Tunnel of Laaaave filled with “good mornings,” nattering, lots of music and a voiceletter-a-palooza. Happy Chocolate Cream Filled Candies Day (on sale tomorrow for 1/2 price).

BFO4181 – On the BFO Press Junket

It’s FAT Tuesday and the FAT One finishes his comments on the Superb Owl commercials, his day in Fat Acres, the return of So-So Question (half) Month and the history of why you eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Happy National Tortellini Day. (The Weather Rat commercial was not online yet.)

BFO4180 – Seniorcise

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend which included a special Friday at Fatty’s, a trip to the Emergency Room, an Insurance update and a little culture. Happy National Plum Pudding Day.