BFO3518 – End of Chrima in July

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One recounts his day in Fat Acres and plays one of his very favorite Chrima songs. Happy weekend!

CLICK HERE to watch the video about Dr. Squatch soap.

BFO3516 – It’s A Blur

The Fat One has had a full day which resulted in a calamity but there’s still time for for a Chrima song. Happy National Milk Chocolate Day.

BFO3515 – Prickly

Chrima in July Week continues with a recap of the Fat One’s day in Fat Acres, a voiceletter and another Chrima song to enjoy. Happy National Creme Brülee Day.

BFO3514 – Chrima in July Week!

With less than 5 months until Chrima, the Fat One presents Chrima music in addition to his normal natterfest which, today, includes a recap of his Pride48 weekend! Happy National Coffee Milkshake Day.

BFO3246 – Butternut

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day which includes a quiz, the coupon, Memory Lane and a not-so-little something to get ready for Chrima. Happy National Corn Fritters Day.

BFO2476 – Meatball

The Fat One remembered several more things about the weekend which he shares along with lots of nattering and a couple of Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

BFO1685 – Big Snooty

The Fat One has a natterfest today but also visits Spotting Big Fatty, Happy Humping!


BFO1683 – They May Not Be Here Next Week

The Fat One spends the whole LITTLE show recapping the big holiday weekend. Happy National Strawberry Sundae Day.


BFO1681 – A Matter of Practicality

The Fat One has another full LITTLE show today. There’s the coupon, a card, nattering and all the remaining voice letters. Happy National Chocolate Wafer Day.


BFO1679 – Tootin’ Wimpy

The Fat One complete telling about his weekend and some nattering about several other LITTLE shows. Plus it’s Chrima in July month. Happy National Gingersnap Day.