BFO1983 – Soiled Kitty

The Fat One start talking about the Pride48 event in Lost Wages after the Vulgarian National Anthem and a check-in by Patty Bacon. Happy Monday.


BFO1982 – Fun Hogs

The Fat One has an update on the Pride48 Expo activities on today’s LITTLE show plus a Gentleman Caller report. Happy Pride48 Weekend!


BFO1981 – “Zoo BEE Uh” Here in Lost Wages

The Fat One recounts the first day in Lost Wages and the Pride48 attendees (that he can remember) that he has seen. BUT, there’s still time for a short version of The Vader and Bacon Show. Don’t forget to listen to the Pink Carpet and Opening shows from 8:30-10:30pm EDT and join the chat room at Pride48. Happy National Banana Lover’s Day!


BFO1980 – Vegas Baby! – Corrected

The Fat One recaps his day of travel to Lost Wages and has a few surprises too. Happy Humping.


BFO1979 – Just Around the Corner

The Fat One is on the way to Lost Wages for Pride48 but has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, voice letters and a Pride48 State of the Station recap. Happy 4 months until Chrima!


BFO1978 – Gussied Up

The Fat One reviews the weekend which includes the coupon, a gentleman caller report and lots of nattering PLUS there was something in the Villa mailbox! Happy Monday.


BFO1977 – Voice of the Angels

The Fat One closes out the week with Birthday calls and the opening of the remaining cards and giftettes. Don’t forget the FINAL State of the Station on Sunday evening at 8PM EDT. Happy Weekend!


BFO1976 – Johnny on the Spot

The Fat One is back in the Villa and opens several birthday cards after recounting the trip home from Scotland. Happy Lemonade Day!


BFO1975 – Back in the Villa

The Fat One is back in the Fat Villa but actually recorded today’s LITTLE show before leaving Scottish Mexico. He recaps the trip details which include a trip to a VULGAH establishment. Happy Humping.