BFO1976 – Johnny on the Spot

The Fat One is back in the Villa and opens several birthday cards after recounting the trip home from Scotland. Happy Lemonade Day!


BFO1975 – Back in the Villa

The Fat One is back in the Fat Villa but actually recorded today’s LITTLE show before leaving Scottish Mexico. He recaps the trip details which include a trip to a VULGAH establishment. Happy Humping.


BFO1973 – Birthday Cards

The Fat One recorded today’s LITTLE show before departing the USA and opened his Exiting cards. Plus Moose P. and Brother Cineadus (BroMoose) fill-in during the Fat One’s absence. Happy packing the valise for tomorrow’s travel day!


BFO1972 – Scotch Tasting

The Fat One may get over served today at a distillery but that’s OK as Dr. Stone and turnipHed from Tuque & Beanie are here to sit it back in the USA. Special Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal to the best Str8 BF in the world, Str8 Bob. Happy weekend!


BFO1971 – Golf Nippa Nap

The Fat One is visiting St. Andrews today (and probably taking a nippa nap) and there’s talk of Poodle getting a tattoo as David Blue Jeans Guy fills in back home. Cue the crickets. Happy National Filet Mignon Day.


BFO1970 – BraveFart

The Fat One is touring Scotland today with a visit to Braveheart country. Scheduled to fill in for BF is Satyr69 — how appropriate for HUMP day.


BFO1969 – Afternoon Tea

The Fat One has arrived in Scotland and first up on the itinerary is afternoon tea. Poodle is hoping for cake. Filling in again today are Joe Betance and Daniel Bieber (who both have little shows on hiatus). Happy
National Raspberry Tart Day.


BFO1967 – Woodhaven Hills

The Fat One closes out the week with a preview of next week, an Ask Big Fatty question and another episode of the Vader and Bacon Show. Don’t forget the Excalibur discount code expires TODAY, the Pride48 t-shirt deadline is Saturday and the Gus Chad ornament auction ends Sunday just prior to the State of the Station at 8PM EDT. Happy Weekend!


BFO652 – It Smelled Like the Circus

The Fat One natters about his upcoming trip to Scotland and gives his itinerarium and explores what is included in a Scottish breakfast.  Plus there’s talk about being gassy…. imagine that.