3 thoughts on “BFO652 – It Smelled Like the Circus

  1. Edinburgh forecast for 6/8/10 – for the first time in history it’s gonna start raining men.
    (isn’t that right Big Fattys bit on the side?)

  2. This sounds like a fabulous trip! Save travels darling and welcome to Europe!
    Oh, btw – please try not to shart when you fly over my islands on your way to the Scotlands, please, pretty please?

    Love you

    xo kb

  3. Someone needs to tell the fat one that a berg is a big white thing (Julian!) that floats in the sea and sinks ships 🙂

    You say it:

    Ed – In – Burrrr – uh

    Charlotte Square is in Edinburgh New Town…..which was built about 150 years ago….huh…yes! Old things are new in Edinburgh, so Big Fatty will feel young again 🙂 LOL

    A Scottish breakfast is where you take everything, the table, the tablecloth, the cup, saucers and just deep fry the flurk out of it all 🙂 LOL

    I am shocked the fat one does not like the black pudding, NO!

    Also Scotland is world famous for it’s salmon and other seafood…..sometimes with peas or maybe with beans…..NO!


    Enjoy your trip and I hope the curse of Carlisle doesn’t affect you too much:


    SteveINthe….Originally from Edinburgh….UhKok

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