BFO151 – Hamork

It’s FRIDAY and the end of August.  The Fat One talks about different listeners on the map and some of the goodies that listeners send to BF.  There’s even a listener-sent cartoon “Memory Lane” music.  Have a good Labor (Labour for British John) Day Weekend.

BFO150 – Sesquicentennial

The Fat One celebrates the 150th episode with voiceletters and Cartoon “Memory Lane” music.  Plus he gets another present.  WOW!

BFO149 – Bacon Wallet

Big Fatty gets some giftettes and voiceletters and gives you some “Memory Lane” music.

BFO148 – Gazing with “The Noggin”

The Fat One has a special “In studio, pants off” guest on today’s episode of The Gaze. Enjoy.

BFO147 – HORRAH Recap

Did Snake show up?  Was the sling rockin’?  How much inappropriate touching went on?  What does Michael in Stuttgart have tattooed on his penis?  Find out today on the BFO!

BFO146 – Sling or No Sling?

BF is in a pickle as to whether to take his sling to the HORRAH event or not.  He finally figures it out after the “Biloxi Blues” update, voiceletters and “Memory Lane: music.

BFO145 – Can it be a Trainwreck if it’s NEVER ON the Tracks?

Nattering Fat Ass, “Memory Lane” music and a special promo (which rhymes with h….)

BFO144 – Gross (Get It?)

The Fat One finally gets a chance to chitta-chat about the Quiz Programs and even gets an update on the “Pants Off Express” trip by Brian from Boston.  There’s several voiceletters to enjoy as well.

BFO143 – Faye on a Podcaster Tour

The Fat One has some voiceletters, “Memory Lane” music and another installment of “Match What’s on BF’s Inappropriate Touch.” Oh, and there’s a storm a comin’!

NOTE: This show was reposted with the vocals corrected.   Delete the show and download again if you had trouble hearing my voice… or just be happy that your prayers have been answered… a quiet BF.

BFO142 – Big, Fat Yeast Rolls

The Fat One has some “Memory Lane” music and stories of the weekend to include an OUTBURST at the FATZ restaurant PLUS the debut of a new segment on today’s show. Enjoy!