BFO141 – Olympic Fever and Other Craziness

Big Fatty has the Olympic fever and it obviously causes an increased amount of nattering. He does, however, play a couple of odd voiceletters just to prove he’s not the ONLY crazy one out there.  Oh and there’s a quiz too!

BFO140 – No more Birthday Stuff… Well, not much!

The Fat One is done with the birthday voiceletters but does read a card from Miss Wes before giving you a “Biloxi Blues” update and some “Memory Lane” music.  But mainly, he just natters as he drives the train.

BFO139 – Birthday Wishes – The Finalé

Lord have mercy, the end is finally here for the birthday voicletters.  The Fat One also opens some birthday gifts and plays a very special “Memory Lane” music.

BFO137 – Birthday Wishes – Part I

The Fat One got some many birthday voiceletters that it’s going to take more than one show to play them all…. so sit back and enjoy.  He also chitta-chats about the olympics.