BFO171 – Podcasting Aids

Big Fatty explains why there wasn’t a Monday show and gives a final recap on the “Biloxi Blues” before he opens a surprise package and plays some “Memory Lane” music.  The train is back off the tracks.  Enjoy!

BFO166 – Podcaster Reviews (except Ryan)

Well the Fat One waited until today to present the podcaster reviewers of “Biloxi Blues” and everyone offered their opinions…. except Ryan Star Jones Heidi Fleiss Cum Dumpster who is very busy.  To fill that gaping hole, BF throws in some “Memory Lane” music. Happy Friday!

BFO164 – Scalded Chicken

The Fat One has a story about the Apple Snack store, the LAST “Biloxi Blues” review and some voiceletters for your hump day.

BFO162 – Visible Ham

The Fat One recaps the first part of podcast-a-palooza weekend in Charleston and has an extended “Biloxi Blues” update and a review of the show!

BFO157 – It’s Still Your Birthday Mouth

The Fat One brings you up-to-date on the “Biloxi Blues” to include a story about an injury in the costume shop.  Plus there’s been a trip to the P.O. Box and that means there’s a giftette to open and a postcard to read.  Woo Hoo!