BFO166 – Podcaster Reviews (except Ryan)

Well the Fat One waited until today to present the podcaster reviewers of “Biloxi Blues” and everyone offered their opinions…. except Ryan Star Jones Heidi Fleiss Cum Dumpster who is very busy.  To fill that gaping hole, BF throws in some “Memory Lane” music. Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “BFO166 – Podcaster Reviews (except Ryan)

  1. Where have I heard all those reviews before? I know I’ve heard them.

    I got the Memory Lane Music right away. I watched that show in reruns.

    That was an interesting e-mail you got. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten one from a priest.

  2. Very cool that you got a message from a priest. There are many more religious people who don’t have a problem with a person being gay or acting on the feelings. There is just that very vocal minority that tends to get the spotlight and the corporate media’s microphone.

  3. People aren’t drawn to you because you’re gay Big Fatty, but because you are who you are.(someone trying to get his on a minute to minute basis that is)

  4. Having had priests buy me drinks in bars, I don’t think that there are many straight priests.

    This one was not attractive…but I still took the drinks…didn’t give him anything in return, but my thanks.


    As a recovering Catholic, I don’t think that there are too many non-gay priests that don’t like to mix with their female parishioners.

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