BFO628 – Pride 48, Part 2

Today is the 2nd 20-minutes from the Fat One’s hour of Pride 48 and it includes an episode  of The Gaze.  Regular show returns on Thursday.

BFO627 – Popcorn Showers

It’s a regular little show today as BF runs down his list and even slips in a few voiceletters.

BFO626 – Pride 48 Part 1

Dear Gussie – The Fat One is EXHAUSTED from the weekend of 48 hours of podcasts so today you get the first 20 minutes of the BFO from Friday night.  There will be a regular show on Tuesday and Friday and Parts 2 & 3 on Wednesday and Thursday.  Happy National Tapioca Day.

BFO625 – Jul i Juli

Dear Gussie the Fat One talks about Christmas in July today as he tries to remember if he has any plans for the weekend.  Plus he’s got the COUPON to end out the week!  Happy Friday!

Remember that Big Fatty is on Pride48 at these times (Eastern):

Friday, June 25 – 7:00-8:00 PM and 9:00-10:00 PM

Sunday, June 27 – 8:00-9:00 AM and 5:00-6:00 PM

iOS4 users can listen to Pride48 and use the chatroom by going online on their devices (Wi-Fi recommended) at

BFO624 – $10 Coupon

Dear Gussie the Fat One heads into the Fat Cave to talk about the Quiz Programs and to share a special coupon with everyone.  Plus there’s yet another update on the BFO App (thanks to SteveintheUKok).  Get yourself ready for Pride 48 everyone!

BFO623 – Do It On Your Device

Dear Gussie it’s Hump Day and the Fat One has some additional information on the BFO App temporary fix plus there’s alot of voiceletters to hear.  Happy National Pecan Sandy Day.

BFO622 – Science 101

The Fat One updates you on the BFO app and iOS4.  More information will be posted at Plus don’t forget that the Big Balls return to the television set tonight at 8PM EDT.

BFO621 – (Ph)reddy’s DILF

Dear Gussie it has been quite the weekend in Charleston.  Plus everyone is getting excited about Pride48 coming up this weekend.  Make sure you get your BFO App so you can listen on the go next weekend PLUS all proceeds benefit Pride48.

BFO620 – Time to Start Livin’

The Fat One runs down the Pride48 weekend schedule and reminds you that the best way to listen and participate is to purchase the BFO Full Fat App in the iTunes or Android stores.  All profits go to Pride48.  PLUS BF reveals the song he is singing tonight during Tiara Horror 6.  Happy Weekend.

BFO619 – Belchnabbing

How VERY dare a TV show steal from the BFO!  It’s true and Julie is worried sick about it.  Today is a natterfest of rambling and stammering… so a typical Thursday little show.