BFO2765 – The Worst Midwest Matt Impersonation Ever

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One closes out the week and the month and the first 2/3 of the year with lots of nattering and reading from the e-letter box. Happy Weekend!

BFO2764 – Ozzie Batter

The Fat One is readjusting to a post-Pride48 life again and shares it all with you on today’s LITTLE show. Happy National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

BFO2763 – Back to the Rawhide

The Fat One is back in the Villa today and tries to recap the last day of New Orleans (with mild success). Happy Humping!

BFO2762 – Special Chair Order

The Fat One is joined by Durwood and Jeremy for another recap of Pride48 weekend in New Orleans. Today is Travel day and the Fat One will be back in the Villa for tomorrow’s LITTLE show. Happy Fat Tuesday…. well for us anyway.

BFO2761 – Couldn’t Be Bothered

The Fat One 1s joined by Durwood, Granny, Jeremy and Hendrick for a recap of the early weekend events at Pride48. Happy Monday!

BFO2760 – Broken Toe

Oh Lord! Big Fatty has the first update from the Big Easy and it’s bound to cause some starting. Listen for the Fat One’s LIVE LITTLE show at 8:00pm EDT TONIGHT. All of Pride48 begins at 6:00PM EDT TONIGHT! Going the Chat Room.

BFO2759 – Villa Searchlights

The Fat one is in New Orleans but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show before leaving. He’s trying to catch-up on voiceletters and e-letters. Happy National Sponge Cake Day.

BFO2758 – Handsome and Debonair

The Fat One and the crew are off to New Orleans for Pride48 today but he took time to prepare today’s LITTLE show prior to departure. There’s a final update on the New Orleans event plus voiceletters and Ask Big Fatty question. Happy Humping!

BFO2757 – Off By a Dollar

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with a Pride48 update, voiceletters and Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy National Pecan Torte Day.