One thought on “Monday

  1. Aloha big fatty and salad-tations from Fluh-rida. it was the highest honor and pig-squealinest pleasure to have made yer acquaintances this last weekend at the Horrah ❤️ DJ Ron had primed me on our buggy ride up to the Horrah and I was giddy as a schoolgirl when the perfunctory introductions were made. Twas’ a grand affair for all and Larry and Ralph outdid themselves with a spectacular display of nibbly bits and weiners to drool over. As this was my first debutante showing at the Horrah, i saw things that made me blush, and sights that blushed my thing it was absotively imperative that i send you an e-lettah to give you an assload of thanky thanky y’all … for making it a truly spectacular trip. all tha hugs ‘n kisses that you can stand Big Fatty! Bravo, i say kind sir

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