BFO686 – New Day

It’s Monday!  And that means that the Fat One is back in your ears for another wonderful week.  We start the scratch-offs today and review the weekend.  Plus there’s a little bit of memory lane also.

4 thoughts on “BFO686 – New Day

  1. Did you know that Lurry Dean is matching Kathy Bacon and the prize is worth $60 as long as Daniel has three-parts to the contest? See his comment on the Live it Up comments section!! Sadly I think my little contest put the final nail in the coffin to that little show – and maybe to Daniel – have you heard that Miss Wes has not heard from him since they recorded that show? The other one posted 14 days gone by!! Dear Gussie –

    And you won $15 on one ticket?? That is wonderful!!! You will also need to let me know if you want more tickets or just the cash!!

  2. I declare Kathy Bacon right on this one… the prize for the Teenier Mime/Cheese Sandwich whatzitpalooza is now up to $60 (cash money).

    Live it Up!

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