BFO2113 – Last Leap

The Fat One closes out the month with the Vulgarian National Anthem before recapping the weekend and taking several So-So questions. Happy National Surf and Turf Day.


BFO2112 – Participles and Gerunds

The Fat One has BIG news today which makes him VERY happy. There’s nattering, So-So questions and he fINALLY catches up on all the Vader and Bacon Show calls. Happy Weekend!


BFO2111 – It’s Derwood’s Fault

The Fat One natters a bit and catches up on Vader (mostly) and Bacon Show calls. Happy National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day.


BFO2110 – Ducking Delimma

The Fat One natters a bit about BanjoBand problems before answering some SoSo questions. Happy humping!


BFO2109 – Snow Moon

The Fat One tries to catch-up on voice letters in today’s episode of the Vader and Bacon Show. But there’s also something in the Villa mailbox and more. Happy National Banana Bread Day.


BFO2108 – Streetwalker

It’s a Full Moon so strange things are happening… especially during the weekend recap. Plus there’s a SoSo question from a LURKER! Happy Full Moon Monday.


BFO2107 – 1234 Hashtag Lexi

The Fat One natters a bit and then catches up on some voice letters and So-So questions. Happy weekend!


BFO2106 – Tickled Pink

The Fat One catches up on the February Content Contest So-So Questions today. Happy Drink Wine Day.


BFO2105 – Gazing with the Gay Country Boy

The Fat One has Gay Country Wes back in the studio today for an episode of The Gaze. Happy Hump Day.


BFO2104 – Beiber Boy

The Fat One is back to “normal” today with some nattering, cards and so-so questions. Happy National Almond Day.