BFO21 – Up, Up & Away

Big Fatty is off to Ft. Lauderdale but not before he plays some voice letters and “Memory Lane” music for you.


BFO20 – BF has a Zit

There’s an interview BF doesn’t remember, a birthday he does, iPhone pleads and bitchin’ and a great piece of “Memory Lane” music.


The iPhone said YES!

Brian from Boston, resident self-appointed historian for the BFO, proposed marriage to his new iPhone earlier today.  After initially requiring him to remove his pants, the iPhone has accepted the proposal after an intense “pinch technology” session behind closed doors.  The wedding party is expected to be “clad in plaid” so as to accommodate “Snowflake” (assuming there is no weather issue once a date is set).  More details to follow as they become available.




NOTE:  Big Fatty is accepting iPhone gifts from rich listeners who would like to buy one and surprise him upon his return from the “Butt Pirates of the Caribbean” cruise. 

BFO19 – Gazing With the Godfather

Big Fatty chats with a very familiar voice on hump day.


BFO-18 – Voice Letterpalooza

BF has 4 voice letters and some “Memory Lane” music.


BFO17 – Getting Ready!

Today BF chitta-chats about iTunes, the weekend, verbal spankings and getting ready for his cruise!


Michael from Stuttgart clearly has connections since he found this photo of a rehearsal of the BF Dancers.

BFO16 – Cruising with BF

The Fat One talks about his upcoming gay cruise, onboard entertainment and planned excursions. If that’s not enough RUINATION, British John from QCast Connection serenades BF.bfscruiselogo.jpg