8 thoughts on “BFO-18 – Voice Letterpalooza

  1. If you want to avoid a “Dame Edna – Madge Allsop (may she rest in peace, the good soul) -stiutation” you should rather not invite me onto the GAZE. I prefer to be the persona non-invitata on your show – just for the sake of it.
    But, of course, I might have a far better suggestion for you, old friend. Why not invite little
    Wesley Stone from the Live it on podcast for a nice little chat on YOUR podcast, since he
    obviously interviewed you already on his – with a disastrous outcome I have to add.
    He is actually the new kid on the pod and would definitely profite from your rich and vast
    experience as we all do. By the way he has quite a pants-dropping voice too and seems to be
    very funny and witty.
    So drop the kraut (although it might improve your sound effects exponentially) and get little Wesley Boywonder out of his penthouse into the Fat Cave.

    You will find the above mentioned brainwrecked (but marvellously funny) interview on
    Episode #3

  2. I remember that show Brooklyn Bridge. That was a good show. I remember there were two young kids on there. I wonder why it didn’t last very long on TV. I thought it was a pretty good show.

    I don’t have an iPhone either. I opted for the iPod Touch.

  3. Jesus christ, all I heard was blah blah blah… Then some old farty TV show music
    It was ruined.

  4. FINALLY! You played a Memory Lane theme I didn’t know! Better still, I don’t remember ever seeing “Brooklyn Bridge,” and couldn’t have said what it was about before I heard this episode. Big Fatty Online: The Educational Podcast (or is that eduFATional?).

    I won’t be getting an iPhone either, which you can work out from my latest episode, though I’d never dream of using the comments section here for crass self-promotion of my “Episode 75 – Big Bucks”.

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