4 thoughts on “BFO17 – Getting Ready!

  1. You have no idea who is presenting this podcast! Listen audience! Let me disclose here exclusively
    something from Big Fatty’s past, that he usually does not mention – out of mere modesty.
    Big Fatty was very – and I mean VERY – big in the children’s movie and entertainment business.
    He was a famous and legendary kid star right in the beginning of the TV era many moons ago.
    Many many moons ago.
    Check out this priceless document and see how nice and cute Big Fatty was as a child.
    He is the one on the right you naughty bitches!! How dare you asking!


  2. I don’t think many people are going to give me too much of a hard time. I think they might understand my decision. That little discussion you had about me hilarious!

    I think if people listened to your show they would have known you weren’t on the cruise just yet.

    Congrats on finally getting on iTunes. I have unsubscribed and re-subscribed. I’ll have to work on leaving a review next.

    Ironhide1975 is Anthony from A Shanty No Lemon.

    Lassie was before my time…but I did recognize the music. I must have known it from seeing a few reruns over the years.

    Great artwork for today!

  3. Archerr, darling, of course we knew exactly when Big Fatty would be on his cruise. He talks about nothing else for weeks now. We only wanted to be quick – just in case. You know, there might be some drizzling snowflakes or even sleet and he could make up his mind and cancel his trip. Things like that happen, yes they do. So why take a risk and wait? And by the way, isn’t Big Fatty kinda always “on the cruise”? 😉

  4. Sigh! Yet another TV show’s theme music I recognised. While I mostly watched “Lassie” in re-runs, I vaguely remember watching it on Sundays, too. BTW, the character of Lassie (in movies and TV) was played by boy dogs. The fact that the whistling theme music wasn’t introduced until season 5 is probably why I don’t remember any other version. Or, maybe because I’m not ancient enough….

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