BFO3052 – Said Aforementioned

The Fat One has some sad news to share today before talking about his day in Fat Acres and some Price is Right trivia. Happy National Nut Day!

BFO3042 – Tinkering in the Bushes

The Fat One is on his way to Hatlanta for the week but has a recap of his Monday in Fat Acres and a checklist of favorite Halloween candies! Plus you’re guaranteed to get a song stuck in your head. Poor ThatPeterG. Happy National Fluffernutter Day.

CLICK HERE to see the Price is Right video mentioned on the LITTLE show.

BFO765 – Come On Down with BF

The Fat One natters about lots of things today before heading down into the Fat Cave to chitta chat about some new Quiz Programs.  Happy National Shortbread Day.

BFO17 – Getting Ready!

Today BF chitta-chats about iTunes, the weekend, verbal spankings and getting ready for his cruise!


Michael from Stuttgart clearly has connections since he found this photo of a rehearsal of the BF Dancers.

BFO15 – Full Moon Craziness

It’s a full moon and the Fat One is on a roll with voice letters, a Quiz Program update, “Memory Lane” music and talk about crazy neighbors.