10 thoughts on “BFO765 – Come On Down with BF

  1. Can anybody help me with a question?
    In the gay world, is 3 days without sex considered a drought?

  2. Ted Williams. The voice. I am surprised Graveetas didn’t find him first, Graveetas loveds to lik a you tube vidjo!

  3. str8Bob should know that 3 months in the str8 world is ’bout the same as 3 months in the lesbian world. 😛

  4. um- these smiley faces are lame….. IMHO… and you can’t even go back and edit them out. Booo.

  5. Women! You can’t live with them- you can’t live without them. What do you think… str8 Bob?

  6. Actually….it’s been so long I probably wouldn’t know what to do anyway.
    And yes!!! I agree about the editing situation Groomerzig,glad you mentioned it!
    I can’t tell you how many times Ive written something on here in the future pissed drunk,only to wake up in the past and re-read the dribble I had written in the future.
    And while we are at it…..I can’t even refresh my memory with your picture as the freaking listener map takes 3 days to pop up!!!!!!!
    Thanks for calling.

  7. trust me str8B, you don’t want to see my picture anyway. I have radio voice (you don’t want to have people see you, only hear you)… I don’t know why it won’t refresh. Maybe you need bigger pipes?

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