BFO1329 – Draw Your Own Conclusions

The Fat One has a weather rat report for the upcoming weekend but also takes time to catch-up on voice letters and the coupon! Happy National Cherry Month.


BFO1328 – Distressed Traveler

The Fat One finally finishes the story about last weekend’s travel nightmare and still has time to update everyone on the Pride 48 State of the Station show. Plus the new cast of the Dancin’ in discussing before a quick visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping!


BFO1327 – Helga the Pilot

The Fat One finishes the weekend update with an unbelievable trip itinerary back to Charleston plus there was a visit to the P.O. Box. Happy National Pistachio Day.


BFO1326 – A Common Man

The Fat One BEGINS to catch everyone up on his trip to Miami… BUT he natters so much that he doesn’t get to the NIGHTMARE part of the story. More on that tomorrow!


BFO1325 – Creeping Crud

The Fat One is in Miami but recorded today’s LITTLE show before he left. There’s a visit to the Fat Cave and Spotting Big Fatty and some voice letters. A full report of the trip on the Monday LITTLE show. Don’t forget the first State of the Station on SUNDAY, FEB. 24 at 7PM EST. Happy Weekend.


BFO1324 – Mexican Post Office

The Fat One natters through the LITTLE show with a little seriousness and praise for the Vonz. Please there is a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, the coupon and a trip to the P.O. Box. Happy National Sticky Bun Day.


BFO1323 – Evil Eye

The Fat One reports on his first day back in the Coal Mine after a week plus there is a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some Pride 48 reminders (oh and lots of nattering). Happy Humping.


BFO1322 – A Knock at the Door

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave for today’s LITTLE show. There’s a final recap of the weekend’s events and a visit to the P.O. Box and Spotting Big Fatty. Happy National Chocolate Mint Day.


BFO1321 – BF Shames

The Fat One has survived the HORRAH weekend and has enjoyed several Tanqueray & Tonics (2 limes) before recording today’s LITTLE show. Back in the Fat Cave tomorrow! Happy National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day (VULGAH!)


BFO1320 – Pump the Prime

The Fat One finishes out the week with nattering about the HORRAH, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and voiceletters. Happy weekend!