BFO1321 – BF Shames

The Fat One has survived the HORRAH weekend and has enjoyed several Tanqueray & Tonics (2 limes) before recording today’s LITTLE show. Back in the Fat Cave tomorrow! Happy National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day (VULGAH!)


3 thoughts on “BFO1321 – BF Shames

  1. Inappropriate insertion in someone’s mouth! That might have been the most VULGAH! moment…also loved when someone came to your door…HIIIIIIIII…lol. Glad to hear that it sounded like the fat pulled through! Congratulations on your pulling off the event. Organizing an event that big with just 3 people would be really difficult, and I agree, there are difficulties usually with far more people planning, so it sounds like you guys did a great job!

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