BFO2963 – Ovalating

The Fat One is at the HORRAH event but took time to prerecord today’s LITTLE show which includes all the voiceletters that he has in the hopper, an Ask Big Fatty question and a preview of the porn stars at the weekend event. Happy weekend!

BFO2600 – Oh the HORRAH!

The Fat One is still at the HORRAH Hotel and has quite a LITTLE show for you today. Listen in PRIVATE. It’s a hot one. Thank you for calling’.

BFO2240 – Conjucal Action

The Fat One has lots of Larrys in the HORRAH studio today and it is definitely a HORRAH fest. It is not for the faint of heart! Happy Monday.


BFO2239 – Sympathy Vomiting – (Levelated and .mp3 format)

(This is a repost of the Friiiiiday LITTLE show. I couldn’t get Levelator to work but have now fixed that problem. It’s also now a .mp3 format rather than .m4a – VERY technical!)

The Fat One is joined by a peanut gallery of drunkies today. Good luck getting through this one. Happy Weekend!


BFO2209 – Harness Talk

The Fat One and Dr. Stone are at the HORAAH Hotel but pre-recorded a show during which BF takes some voice letters and answers several Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy Weekend.

CHICK HERE to see Kim Beaver’s sheep camera.


BFO2083 – Larry, Larry, Larry and Larry

The Fat One recaps the Leather Weather weekend from the Horrah Hotel with an audience of 9. Happy MLK Day.


BFO2082 – Official Candy Bar of a Puppet Show

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel and is joined by a special (as in short bus) guest – Granny! They review the trip to the Leather Weather event and the upcoming schedule of liver-killing events. Happy Weekend.


BFO1993 – Fiddling

The Fat One is back with a LIVE LITTLE show after a weekend at the HORRAH Hotel. Don’t forget the Dancing’ starts tonight! Happy Monday.


BFO1953 – Pool Noodle

The Fat One is joined by Derwood, Granny and Dr. Stone as they attempt to recap the Hot Dog Down a Hallway for Hendrick (and everyone else). It’s VULGAH! Happy Monday.


BFO1952 – Delicate Olfactory Senses

The Fat One is joined by a special (as in short bus) guest and then by Dr. Stone as we recap the last night in the Villa and the trip to the HORRAH Hotel. Happy Hot Dog Weekend!