BFO4069 – Recapping the Cement Pond Party

The Fat one is back in the Villa and recaps the highlights of the Porn Pool Party from the weekend. There’s plenty of nattering and an explanation of the perfect club sandwich. Happy National Hot Cross Ben Day.

BFO4050 – More Hot Dog Weekend Details

Today, the Fat One takes it off the tracks early and keeps up the gibberish until the end. Lots of surprise guests and a delicious menu are covered but there wasn’t enough time to finish today so the culmination will arrive on Hump Day. Happy National Lemon Meringue Pie Day.

BFO4036 – Hide and Seek

It’s Chrima in July and the Fat One kicks off the festive LITTLE show with those Darling Children singing before he finishes recapping the weekend and his Monday… plus there’s a getcha story as well. Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.

BFO4035 – Club Sandwich

The Fat One is back in the Villa after a busy weekend emceeing Daddy Days at the Metropolis Entertainment Complex. But there was so much going on that he didn’t finish all the stories so stay tuned for the conclusion tomorrow. Happy National Tequila Day.

BFO4034 – Dr. Stone… Never Again!

The Fast One is at the Metropolis Entertainment Complex for the weekend but took time to record today’s LITTLE show prior to leaving. There’s nattering, quiz program previews for the Fall season and even a voiceletter. Happy National Junk Food Day.

BFO4005 – 363rd Voiceletter

The Fat One is back in the Villa after a weekend at the Horrah Hotel and has a recap of the weekend, the oldest voiceletter he has kept and Poodle is preparing for the Tony Awards with a home permanent. Happy National Peanut Butter Cookrie Day.

BFO3965 – Please Wait to be Seated

The Fat One has returned from the 25th Anniversirarium of the Horrah Hotel weekend and has so much to report that he can’t fit it all in today. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. Happy National Cheese Ball Day.