4 thoughts on “BFO3838 – Ruby Red Update

  1. Ooooh! $250 for car body repair at the dealer is CHEAP! I am guessing that if it took less than an hour it was probably a grey/black piece of plastic that could be easily swapped out with a set of tin snips and a screwdriver. That just means Ford knew what they were doing when they designed Miss Ruby Red and put the cheap stuff in the place most likely to get gnarled up by nature and manmade structure.

  2. Was it coincidence that you called KB a “bedrock” listener while a clip from the Flinstones was playing? It made me chuckle either way.

  3. Thanks so much for the good wishes (and the safe)
    Bedrock as in Flintstones us so appropriate!!! We are ancient and actually both forgot until you mentioned it. We are silly old people 🙂

    So sad that you missed JR. He is so sweet and kind and quite the looker just like his other half Mr Pancakes. It was an honour to meet them both in the flesh.

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