BFO2071 – Farewell to 2015

The Fat One has a traditional BFO New Year’s Eve LITTLE show which includes the annual trip into history with Guy Lombardo and Ben Grauer. Plus there’s the Vulgarian National Anthem with Stevie B., some nattering and a few calls in the Chrima Content Contest. And, believe it or not, there’s an Ask Big Fatty question and a Gentleman Caller report. Happy New Year!


BFO2070 – Bacoun, Bako, Bakko, Backe, Petaso

It’s National Bacon Day so the Fat One opens Chrima cards and presents the latest episode of the Vader and Bacon Show. Happy Final Hump of 2015!


BFO2069 – Flag Stones

The Fat One is back in the Villa at Fat Acres and finishes recapping the weekend before playing voice letters which include an EXCELLENT Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Pepper Pot Day.


BFO2068 – One-Eyed Snake

BF is at the HORRAH Hotel as he records today’s LITTLE show which includes some of the recap of Chrima week in Hatlanta and some scratch-offs. Happy National Chocolate Candy Day.


BFO2067 – Disposition of Remains

Ho Ho Ho! It’s a Chrima Full Moon on today’s LITTLE show. There’s a big surprise (or two) for you as you enjoy opening your packages (VULGAH!)


BFO2066 – 12 Days of Chrima

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with the final day on the Mexican Chrima Calendar, more Chrima Content Content voice letters, an update from Patty Bacon and a recap of the Atlanta podcast supper at the Colon Aid.
Get your shopping finished because a fat man is coming tonight.


BFO2065 – Gus Chad-a-palooza

It’s a special LITTLE show today as we celebrate Gus Chad and answer the questions he posed from the Chrima ghosts. Happy Humping.