6 thoughts on “BFO2065 – Gus Chad-a-palooza

  1. THANK YOU! That made my day.

    Merry Christmas!

    Ps I thought you need content for January so figured if Bacon can do so can GusChad. It a mailbox contest. People can mail you cards, post cards, or some Mexican worded cards to read. Then on January 29th you draw one luck winner. Online stuff and phone call don’t count. All can enter (even me) if they have your address. I mail you an envelope with the cash money prize. It a surprise prize.


  2. Dear Gussie! Another contest?! We will have to listen to Chrima cards until Valentine’s Da!


  3. I didn’t say they had to be Chrima cards Laughing Budda. They could be a drawing to hang on his fridge . Or a post card from Nowhere. Maybe you just want to say I’m still listening big fatty . But has to be snail mail not online or phone in. You have admit that Mexican advent calendar make you giggle hearing it read.

  4. Bacon loves a thrown gauntlet. Praise geebus ~ a break finally.

    (: I have spare stamps ~ let my letters roll in!! I love a prize. Speaking of which where is my 3100 caller prize? Hahhaha.


    (Think I’m caught up!).

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