BFO2066 – 12 Days of Chrima

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with the final day on the Mexican Chrima Calendar, more Chrima Content Content voice letters, an update from Patty Bacon and a recap of the Atlanta podcast supper at the Colon Aid.
Get your shopping finished because a fat man is coming tonight.


BFO2063 – Solstice For the Rest of Us

It’s the first day of winter and the Fat One has a full LITTLE show filled with Chrima Content Contest calls, a visit to the Mexican calendar and another scratch-off. Happy National Hamburger Day.


BFO2062 – A Scissors

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering about tonight’s Chrima party at the Villa, plus we check the Mexicna calendar, another Vader and Bacon Show, a scratch-off and e-letter reading. Happy weekend!


BFO2057 – Whistler’s Father

The Fat One closes out the week with the Mexican calendar, voice letters, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some Chrima cards… PLUS it’s your chance to choose your favorite BFO episode (you can’t choose #3000). Happy weekend!


BFO2056 – Better Swing Sets

The Fat One fills today’s LITTLE show with the coupon, an episode of the Vader and Bacon show and some e-letter reading. Happy National Egg Nog Month.

Watch the video of Big Fatty and the fart carols by clicking here