BFO410 – Gazing with Big Fatty Part II

The Fat One ran his mouth so much that he had to carry over until today.  The Horrah weekend is over and there will be a blow-by-blow account of the fun tomorrow.  See you in September!


BFO409 – Gazing with Big Fatty

The tables are turned today and BF surprises the Sea Hag by telling her to interview Big Fatty.  It’s an interesting twist.  Happy Weekend.


BFO408 – Gazing with the Sea Hag

The Fat One is a The Horrah! and so the next most horrifying thing in podcasting joins me for some chitta-chat.  Send all complaints to P.O. Box 561, Woodland Hills, CA  91365.


BFO407 – Backdooring

The Fat One natters a bit before having a voiceletter-palooza.  Happy Hump Day.


BFO406 – Leola, Gladys and Elleanor

It’s a big trip down “Memory Lane” today as the Fat One has his childhood jiggled.  There’s lots of nattering and even a probable Sing Along “Memory Lane” music selection.


Sorry the show is late.  Not sure what happened.  BF

BFO405 – Nerdy Fatty

A new week kicks off with some surprises.  There’s breaking Chick-A-fil news AND the Fat One remembers to share the commercial he’s forgotten to play on the past two show.  Click here to watch it for yourself.  Happy Monday.


BFO404 – Buttermilk Pie

The Fat One gets you ready for the weekend with a 20-minute nattercast.  There’s several stories for the Orange Hats and revealing information about Miss Kitty!  Happy weekend.


BFO403 – Fartin’ Orphus

The Fat One has a rather unusual one for you today.  Other than several voiceletters (one of which is incredibly long-winded), the rest is just a fat blur.  Happy National Lemonade Day!


BFO402 – Hobnobs

The Fat One starts the show with some gas… but it isn’t his!  There’s different things covered before the voiceletters start playing!  Happy Hump Day everyone.


BFO401 – Charge-a-plate

The Fat One has a very special episode 401 as he recaps the weekend, heads into the Fat Cave and tries out a special giftette from Granny and Miss Porter.  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the great 401 artwork.