BFO406 – Leola, Gladys and Elleanor

It’s a big trip down “Memory Lane” today as the Fat One has his childhood jiggled.  There’s lots of nattering and even a probable Sing Along “Memory Lane” music selection.


Sorry the show is late.  Not sure what happened.  BF

7 thoughts on “BFO406 – Leola, Gladys and Elleanor

  1. Ruined! Now what is Archerr supposed to listen to while eatting his cherrios?

  2. Finally! Okay, everything is okay again. I was able to eat my Cherrios. And I’ll have you know my tits aren’t that big…plus, my kids are too old to suckle. hehehe

  3. I used to have the Weekly Reader, too. It’s a product of Reader’s Digest. I almost got a job with them last year, but they suck and decided to not hire me (=

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