BFO1656 – The Shocker

The Fat One closes out the week with some contact from lurkers, reminders about Pride 48 June event and, FINALLY, talk about the Quiz Programs. Don’t forget “Rbbit, Rabbit” on Sunday morning. Happy Weekend!


BFO1655 – Sepia Tone

The Fat One has a natterfest today with the coupon, a visit to the P.O. Box, voice letters and much more. Happy National Coq Au Vin Day.


BFO1654 – Warning!

The Fat One natters a lot today but also visits Spotting Big Fatty and takes a couple of voice letters. Happy Humping.


BFO1653 – Booty Boofay

The Fat One concludes the holiday weekend update which includes a special about Dr. Stone of the Live It Up LITTLE show. Plus there’s news of new attendees at the Gay Days and much, much more. Happy National Grape Popsicle Day.


BFO1652 – Lightning Bug Cables

The Fat One kicks off Lurker Week with a Memorial Day thought and then starts the weekend update. As predicted, he doesn’t finish so part 2 will show up tomorrow. Happy “It’s OK to start wearing white shoes” Day.


BFO1651 – Singing Penis

Dear Gussie! The Fat One has lots of nattering today including 2 Ask Big Fatty questions, a June Pride 48 update and lots more. Happy Memorial Day Weekend (U.S. only).


BFO1650 – Hold My Tongue

The Fat One has a list today that includes a vacation update, the coupon, an Ask Big Fatty question and some nattering. Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day.


BFO1649 – Inactive

The Fat One opens the card from the P.O. Box and found it contained 3 Ask Big Fatty questions. Plus there is general nattering and an update on the HORRAH Club. Happy Humping.


BFO1648 – Baby Lion

The Fat One natters about the 2nd half of the weekend before reading something in the P.O. Box. Happy National Quiche Lorraine Day.


BFO1647 – Mop Sink

The Fat One natters about the weekend at the HORRAH Hotel but has so much to tell that he’ll have to finish tomorrow. Plus there’s a Pride 48 June reminder. Happy Monday!