BFO1656 – The Shocker

The Fat One closes out the week with some contact from lurkers, reminders about Pride 48 June event and, FINALLY, talk about the Quiz Programs. Don’t forget “Rbbit, Rabbit” on Sunday morning. Happy Weekend!


5 thoughts on “BFO1656 – The Shocker

  1. I’m going to become a lurker – they get all the love.

    Looks like I was missing the OM on the .com

    Fart pants!!! I keep forgetting to send the bacon recipe contest runner up prizes!

    What happened to Brian?!? I think he should pick the winner.

    Moose entered two recipes, Kinglsey entered one and Kalvin entered one. So Brian should oh pose the winner of the cash money and I have a consolation prize I could privately text to the two runner ups. Maybe they are consolation prizes. (:

    Make it happen!!!

    I’m so looking forward to the Gaze with Dr. stone!!

  2. My Garden has been planted (almost) Just in time for the Mayo Cast!!

    I am so nervous – I am going to die.

  3. WHAT if I have to go to the bathroom in that hour?

    I would plan a burp but Christian hates burps – so I will shart myself instead – LIVE on Pride 48 – in your honor.

    Think of all the people that do not come here to read the comments what they are missing out on.

    alright – I will shower and then maybe SoS is on at 5 my time – i better call BOTH TECH lines to see what I need to do a Podcast worthy of a listen.

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