BFO279 – Shatatorium

The Fat One ends anniversararium month with the final segment from Brian from Boston and the last bit of sing-a-long “Memory Lane” music.  Happy National Strawberry Day!


BFO278 – My Proctologist is Calling

The Fat One is back for another “Memory Lane” Sing-a-long today and some nattering about nuts (including the Sea Hag).  Happy Thursday.


BFO277 – 795 out of 830

The Fat One is interrupted during the show by Granny but he still is able to RUIN the show BUT he has a surprise for iPhone users at the end.  Happy Hump Day…. and wipe that soot off your forehead!


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BFO276 – Big Fat Tuesday

The Fat One continues Sing Along week and has some more voiceletters for your Fat Tuesday.  Throw me some beads!


BFO275 – Sing Along Week

The Fat One has a surprise for you all week that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make other people think you are crazy.  There are also some voiceletters and something pink to enjoy.  Happy Monday.


BFO274 – BFO R.H. POs P.S. of the BFO

There’s a controversy in the podosphere.  Look out for a possible smackdown.  Plus the Fat One has LOTS of news about the upcoming cruise.  Happy Weekend!


BFO273 – A BFO Month Top Ten

Fat and nattering best describes your host today.  Brian from Boston has another tidbit of BFO History and we end with some “Memory Lane” music.  Enjoy your Thursday.


BFO272 – Saltine Crackers and Butter

The Fat One is snicka-snacking while he natters and plays voiceletters.  Happy Hump Day!