5 thoughts on “BFO278 – My Proctologist is Calling

  1. Watch where you get those red pistachios from….Not sure if they still do this anymore, but a friend of mine who is a plant scientist told me that pistachios imported from overseas were dyed red to hide imperfections and bad spots.

    Maybe this isn’t true anymore, and that’s why they don’t dye them like they used to!

  2. Speaking as the preeminent sing-a-long BFO listener (back off, Archerr!), you do realise that today’s theme was the original, not the one that most people probably know? Why, you even sang along to the main version, not this one. Not that it worries me because I was singing along anyway.

    P.S. Lauren: We only get “natural” pistachios here—although, I don’t know that they actually ARE natural…

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