6 thoughts on “BFO272 – Saltine Crackers and Butter

  1. I’m soo glad you enjoyed so bravely your crackers, dear. Getting those crumbs under your dentures must be hell – oh I forgot, you enjoy the pains 🙂

  2. Awh..they are just mean..LOL Yes dear, crackers and butta are just devine, and no not with the whole dam stick, only just a smitheren.. I sort of prefer my saltines that way with soup rather than in the soup. I also like them with one cracker spread peanut butter on it and the other half a little jelly, those have been a tasty little sandwich. I also like butter on Melba Toast crackers especially the onion flavor, or garlic. I also like to crumble saltines on my salad before I put the dressing on. We cracker feens have to stick together.

  3. My partner likes to take Saltines with the butter slightly melted and dip it into chili for a meal. Tastes great except for all the cholesterol. We’ve switched to the non GMO spread if that makes you happier?

    As for the ‘Little Fatty Cast’, I got the episode from one Larry F. Vador – ‘That’s V.A.D.E.R.’ since I never unsubscribed from the podcast in iTunes. Always hopin’.

    Love Ya and you’re still fat!

  4. food of the gods. saltines and butter. combine with vodka and beer and heaven has been reached. thank you for understanding. i’m american — and prefeer Krispy® brand saltines, heck a quick sprinkle of popcorn salt even kicks it up a notch!

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