BFO3383 – Cucumber

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend and some #1 Fan entries. Happy National Irish Coffee Day.

BFO3128 – Superb Howl

The Fat One is back with an explanation about what happened to the LITTLE show on Sunday plus there’s a recap of his day in Fat Acres and some So-So questions… plus a little sad news too. Happy Homemade Soup Day.

BFO1734 – Time on the Meter

The Fat One tells about his visit to the Apple Snack store and then he visits Spotting Big Fatty! Plus there is nattering about Big Brother and Miss Beaver. Happy Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day.


BFO1652 – Lightning Bug Cables

The Fat One kicks off Lurker Week with a Memorial Day thought and then starts the weekend update. As predicted, he doesn’t finish so part 2 will show up tomorrow. Happy “It’s OK to start wearing white shoes” Day.