BFO3560 – Meteorologist Wes Stone, Now With NEW Audio

The Fat one and Dr. Stone continue to recap the weekend which includes a weather report, an odd remedy for a sty and lots of nattering. Happy National Strawberry Cream Pie Day.

BFO3500 – A Voice from the Past

The Fat One finishes the weekend recap before playing several voiceletters. Happy National Fried Chicken Day.

BFO3490 – Going to the Carnival

The Fat One is back with part 2 of his weekend recap which includes some Breaking News you will not believe. Happy National Onion Rings Day.

BFO3309 – Turn Off the Turlet

The Fat One is back with some items he forgot that happened over the weekend, a review of his day and a few Census submissions. Happy National Yorkshire Puddling Day.

BFO3189 – Sniff ’Em Out

The Fat One is back with a few things he forgot from the weekend before he recaps his day in Fat Acres and an episode of The Vader and Bacon Show. Happy National Blueberry Pie Day.

BFO3092 – Out Like a Light

The Fat One concludes the recap of his weekend, to include the Coffree Bean Explosion he forgot yesterday, the opening of some Chrima card and a recap of his day in Fat Acres. Happy National Maple Syrup Day. Look for the Chrima cards and giftettes at Noon today on the BFO.

CLICK HERE to see the news story mentioned on today”s LITTLE show.

BFO3062 – Vote Citizens!

It’s Election Day in the USA and the Fat One is encouraging everyone to do their civic duty. He also recaps the remainder of the weekend, talks about his day in Fat Acres and has a special Ask Big Fatty question. Happy National Doughnut Day.

BFO3047 – Reverse Crowning

The Fat One ALMOST finishes telling about his visit to Hatlanta and the weekend… but not quite. It’s just sad to see his decline. Happy National Roast Pheasant Day.

BFO2990 – 50 Years Ago

On this Full Moon, the Fat One talks about remembering the Apollo 11 mission after ruining the Memory Lane music segment and before trying to finish telling about the weekend. Enjoy some Tang or Space Food Sticks.

BFO2965 – Hair in the Teeth

The Fat One finishes nattering about the weekend before talking about his day in Fat Acres and some quiz program chitta-chat. Happy National German Chocolate Caaaaaaaaaake Day!