4216 – And the “Winner” is ……..

The Fat One is back and the music is playing correctly once again. The Fat One recaps the rest of his East Egg holiday and the SSQD (So-So Question Desk) announces the question that provides the author with a mediocre prize. Happy National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

BFO4140 – Guess Who Had Medical Malady…

The Fat One is back to complete the recap of his weekend before opening several Chrima cards. There’s also several submissions for the Chrima Content Contest and some holiday tips. Happy National Hard Candy Day.

Let’s Call Him Edgar!

The Fat One forgot a few things from the weekend which he shares before nattering about Big Brother and sleeping in his own bed. But also is milking the big HORRAH announcement (or did he just forget?). Don’t forget the big Apple Snack announcements at 1pm EDT today. Happy National Chocolate Milkshake Day.

BFO4050 – More Hot Dog Weekend Details

Today, the Fat One takes it off the tracks early and keeps up the gibberish until the end. Lots of surprise guests and a delicious menu are covered but there wasn’t enough time to finish today so the culmination will arrive on Hump Day. Happy National Lemon Meringue Pie Day.

BFO3805 – More from the Weekend

The Fat One is still a little sickly but has put out a LITTLE show for you which includes a gentleman caller report, quiz program chat, more weekend activities, a moment to remember Miss Kitty and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Coffee Ice Cream Day.