BFO2327 – Drum Roll Please

The Fat One has the final coupon of 2016 plus finishes up telling about the Chrima trip to Atlanta. Plus there were even more Chrima cards in the Villa mailbox and the winner of the Amazon Charge-a-Plate is announced. Happy National Pepper Pot Day.

BFO2325 – The Ham Christ

The Fat One is on his was back to the Villa but has the final pre-recorded LITTLE show for you today and it’s filled with nattering about the 13th month, some voiceletters and more Chrima Content Comments. Happy National Fruit Caaaaaaaaaake Day!

BFO2323 – Swingline Staples

The Fat One has a LITTLE show for you filled with nattering, voiceletters, Ask Big Fatty questions and Chrima Content Comments. Don’t forget to leave out goodies for the old Fat Man on Saturday night.

BFO2321 – Merry Catsmess!

The Fat One is heading to the Hat Cave today but has prepared LITTLE show filled with nattering, voice letter, Chrima cards, some Ask Big Fatty questions, and a quick recap of the Atlanta dinner with other podcasters. Don’t forget that the Chrima Comment Contest ends tonight… last chance to with the charge-a-plate! Happy National Hamburger Day!

BFO2319 – Optimistic Opening

Today’s LITTLE show was recorded earlier so that BF could catch up on the 10 Chrima cards he received. Unfortunately he only opened 2. Don’t forget that the Chrima Comment Contest end on Wednesday. Happy National Hard Candy Day.

BFO2315 – Dingle

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with Chrima cards, comment contest ready, an Ask Big Fatty question and plenty of nattering. Happy Chrima full moon.

CLICK HERE to watch Big Fatty’s favorite Chrima commercial from the Vons East.