BFO2323 – Swingline Staples

The Fat One has a LITTLE show for you filled with nattering, voiceletters, Ask Big Fatty questions and Chrima Content Comments. Don’t forget to leave out goodies for the old Fat Man on Saturday night.

5 thoughts on “BFO2323 – Swingline Staples

  1. I have never met someone that doesn’t like the little drummer boy either. I cannot stand it. And I have no idea why either. Maybe because it’s my little brothers favorite? But any time I hear it, it HAS to go.

  2. Nope I had not called in before then. It has been a crappy birthday so far. It is snow, sleet, and rain today. And there are people who don’t how to drive in this weather. It making my ng day very difficult. Plus i end up having to get new tires. Andvwilk most like end UP being late for work.

  3. Cross one off the KFC Extra Crispy Bucket List: my comment made Big Fatty giggle! Made my day…

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