6 thoughts on “BFO2322 – Poison Sauce

  1. Figs, I agree, thank you to Ms Bacon and Digger for this contest. Seems like it got a lot more people to join in on the website, myself included!

  2. SO the January’s contest people have to write in telling What Big Fatty’s show means to them. I want to hear Big Fatty laugh and get choked up with your entries. You have till midnight on January 29, 2017 to enter. Then on January 30 or when he tells me I will choose a winner. There is a big prize. So get on it. Call, write in or email.

  3. I’m laughing my head off because I just realized that maybe I should’ve coordinated my contest with your vacation plans because my intentions were to gift the prize to the winner before Chrima. HAHHAHA.

    And here’s my other unless comment about this contest until I figure out who the winner is every time I do a contest and then I go to do the winner part of it I forgot how to count I forgot how to tabulate I forgot how to do anything because I always go I got this and then I forget the number I forgot what number am I on and so what I’m gonna do is look at all the comments make sure they all came in before the deadline and tally them up that way.

    The random number generator I downloaded is junk too.

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