BFO2321 – Merry Catsmess!

The Fat One is heading to the Hat Cave today but has prepared LITTLE show filled with nattering, voice letter, Chrima cards, some Ask Big Fatty questions, and a quick recap of the Atlanta dinner with other podcasters. Don’t forget that the Chrima Comment Contest ends tonight… last chance to with the charge-a-plate! Happy National Hamburger Day!

13 thoughts on “BFO2321 – Merry Catsmess!

  1. Fart. You didn’t mention we were announcing the winner NEXT year!

    Just kidding.

    Excellent pre-recorded show. Does this mean MooseP & Tommy already listened to Thursday and

  2. Figured out my problem. Well. Not really actually.

    So. My modem or my router.

    Does the modem dial into the ~ whatever ~ but after resetting both I got the show downloaded this morning. Yesterday it dumped when I got to the coal mine. Lord help me they don’t monitor downloads.

  3. In answer to “How much bacon is to much bacon?” I went to Waffle House this morning and ordered a double order of bacon. It wasn’t too much. Could have eaten a third order. So we still don’t have a definitive answer, but I’m enjoying trying to find out.

  4. Did you say you went to the Colon-ade? That sounds like one of the worst flavors of lemonade I’ve come across yet.

  5. NO Last January was not So So questions month. It was GusChad Contest month. SO SO Question was February! I see how forget able my contest was. Geesh! AND HERE I WAS just think about doing it again in January. But if so so need to be in January i wont bother with my conest idea. ( i like the ask big fatty song. And did enjoy not having it the whole month of February. Not that the so so theme song was bad. I just really enoy the song better.)

  6. MooseP. Should we extend the contest to December 21 2017? Then I could set aside $50 a month?
    I KID.

  7. OMG did I make it in time? I’d hate to miss out on what all the cool kids are doing

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