3 thoughts on “2016 Chrima Cards #9

  1. Well wishes to the greatest KB in the land. Get well.

    Good gracious. You’d think the Danburys little swimmers fathered their son. The resemblance is

    I am telling everyone in the world I’m making chicken noodle soup when I get home and I can barely wait.

    I only have one more week of working for our days and I’m already getting anxious!!

    Here’s the South Dakota weather update. It is like 35° and thankfully right now it’s not windy but it was windy earlier and when the snow is melting and the wind is blowing 35 above feels colder than 10 below with no wind.

    Got a Telya our bodies got to tell you our bodies and how we acclimate to weather is probably one of my greatest fascinations

  2. This is comment number 104

    I will recount Thursday though in case someone post a comment on an old show

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