BFO2325 – The Ham Christ

The Fat One is on his was back to the Villa but has the final pre-recorded LITTLE show for you today and it’s filled with nattering about the 13th month, some voiceletters and more Chrima Content Comments. Happy National Fruit Caaaaaaaaaake Day!

5 thoughts on “BFO2325 – The Ham Christ

  1. I burst into song when I heard the initial strains of Petticoat Junction. Scared the hell out of the cats.

    Upon further analysis, doesn’t that mean that The Ham Christ refers to Arnold Ziffel? (you’re always talking about that Nasty Pig…)

  2. No no no. Not uncle joe. Grandpa joe. I had to rewind to make sure I didn’t say uncle joe. Grandpa joe and Charlie of Willy Wonka fame

  3. I’d say it’s been years since I’ve heard petticoat junction but it’s only been days. Memory lane music from one of the early episodes.

  4. No1NEstr8Boyfriend — this shows that Raold Dahl’s Grandpa Joe and Petticoat Junction’s Uncle Joe are really the same person, doesn’t it? And it means that Charlie is actually a lost Gabor sister! Zsa Zsa, Magda, Eva, and Charlie…

  5. And if Zsa Zsa was 99 when she passed, and there’s a 99 restaurant, and if they make food there, and people eat enough of that food, they’ll get big and fat and … Big Fatty is Raold Dahl!!!

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