BFO2327 – Drum Roll Please

The Fat One has the final coupon of 2016 plus finishes up telling about the Chrima trip to Atlanta. Plus there were even more Chrima cards in the Villa mailbox and the winner of the Amazon Charge-a-Plate is announced. Happy National Pepper Pot Day.

5 thoughts on “BFO2327 – Drum Roll Please

  1. You made out like a bandit on that Chrimma visit.

    You got a haul of gifts!

    You could say you got the mother load ~ and all useful things.

  2. Tommy. Aw! A most excellent drum roll ever there was.

    Thank you fart, for letting me hi-Jack the show once again. Cheers to your last 2016 show
    And hello gin-you-wary Kon-Tee-st ‘oh!

    Congrats Moose P!

  3. Pretty sure Tommy’s drum roll was a repurposed motor-boat effect. Not saying it wasn’t EXCELLENT Foley work though.

    Congratulations, Moose!!

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