BFO3429 – Stairstep Children

The Fat One kicks off Easter Week with a recap of his weekend, a teaser about something special this week and LOTS of voiceletters. Happy Lemon Chiffon Cake Day.

BFO3177 – Russian Bots

The Fat One is back with an update of his day in Fat Acres, a technology segment and a cheesy voiceletter. Happy Easter Weekend!

Don’t forget the Pride48 Virtual Cocktail Party on Saturday night at 8pm in the evening. Details at

BFO2928 – Good Friiiiiiiiiiiday

It’s the Full Moon but the Fat One is bringing you luck with some nattering and lots of voice letters. Happy Easter Weekend!

BFO2414 – Loyalty Plan

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering, some cards and voice letters. Happy carrot cake weekend!

BFO842 – One Hail of a Show!

Dear Gussie!  Poodle McNoodle is under the podcasting table as the Fat One natters about the Easter Bunny, See’s Candies and Poopy Diapers.  Big Hugs to Miss Kitty.

BFO309 – Honey Bar & Tootsie Roll

The Fat One has an Easter Weekend Hootenanny for you today.  There’s citta-chat, singing, whispering and music.  Hope your basket is filled with BIG EGGS…